netflix et chill: emily in paris

What kind of Francophile would I be if I didn’t talk about Emily in Paris? Even with all the over-the-top cliches, the unrealistic chambre de bonne, and the garish fashion choices (sorry, Patricia Field), I found Emily in Paris to be the perfect anecdote to an otherwise dreary and depressing lockdown period. You just have to be willing to suspend your disbelief, especially if you … Continue reading netflix et chill: emily in paris

netflix et chill: Arsène Lupin avec Omar Sy

It’s been a while since I’ve been truly excited for a French series to come out, but while scrolling through the “Coming Soon” suggestions on Netflix a week or so ago, I spied the trailer to LUPIN. If you’re like me, and did not grow up French, the character of Arsène Lupin was unfamiliar to me, but my husband was obsessed with the Lupin stories … Continue reading netflix et chill: Arsène Lupin avec Omar Sy

Netflix et Chill: The Bonfire of Destiny

Drama. Romance. Mistaken identity. Called “Le Bazar de la Charité” in French, this series focuses on the fates of three women after a devastating fire in 1897 Paris – an actual event that happened at a charity bazaar, killing 126 people (mostly aristocratic women) and injuring many others. Fans of the movie “Les Intouchables” will recognize Audrey Fleurot, who plays high-society lady Adrienne de Lenverpré … Continue reading Netflix et Chill: The Bonfire of Destiny

Heartbreaking French Films

French films have the reputation of being extraordinarily dramatic – and many of them are unnecessarily so. However, there are some that are so heart-wrenching, that I couldn’t bear to watch them again. Feel like crying? Grab yourself a box of mouchoirs and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le scaphandre et le papillion) (2007) Based on a true story, this film … Continue reading Heartbreaking French Films

Bordeaux: La Cité du Vin

There is probably no better place for a wine museum than in the city of Bordeaux. Surrounded by world-class vineyards in every direction, Bordeaux’s history as a busy trading port for wine places it at the center of the global wine world. True oenophiles consider Bordeaux as one of the greatest places on Earth, and they definitely aren’t wrong. Enter La Cité du Vin, a … Continue reading Bordeaux: La Cité du Vin

Podcast: The New Paris

Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris-based writer who wrote a fantastic book called The New Paris. I picked up the book almost as soon as it came out – it’s beautifully shot and well written, and talks about the developments in the food, drink, and shopping industries in Paris that go beyond Laduree macarons and dinner at Tour d’Argent (both amazing options, but they’ve been around … Continue reading Podcast: The New Paris

4 Contemporary French Chick Flicks

I don’t really like the term “chick flicks”, but for lack of a better word, these films are excellent for a girls’ night or simply when you want to watch something equivalent to a romantic comedy or girlfriends film en francais. Pour yourself a glass of wine – and perhaps slather on a face mask – and enjoy! Tout ce qui brille (All That Glitters) Starring … Continue reading 4 Contemporary French Chick Flicks

Netflix et Chill: Call My Agent!

I’ve been lamenting the lack of good French movies on Netflix lately.  Every once in awhile a fantastic movie will come up (like The Intouchables), but for the most part, I’ve found the selection a little mundane – how many “coming-of-age” films can a person watch, really? So, I was thrilled to find Call My Agent! (in French, Dix Pour Cent) as a new addition to the … Continue reading Netflix et Chill: Call My Agent!

YouTube: Alex French Guy Cooking

Alexis-Gabriel Ainouz, known by his YouTube viewers as Alex French Guy Cooking, is a self-taught cook who gets seriously geeky about his food experiments.  What I love most about his channel is that it is easy to follow, with recipes that are a breeze to execute, no matter what your level of expertise is. Some of my favorite episodes include the “How to Make Bread” … Continue reading YouTube: Alex French Guy Cooking