Podcast: The New Paris

Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris-based writer who wrote a fantastic book called The New Paris. I picked up the book almost as soon as it came out – it’s beautifully shot and well written, and talks about the developments in the food, drink, and shopping industries in Paris that go beyond Laduree macarons and dinner at Tour d’Argent (both amazing options, but they’ve been around a while).

For me, The New Paris helped to transform my postcard image of The City of Light into a living, breathing, evolving place that manages to retain the classics but continues to innovate and reimagine possibility as we move into the future.

Since the publication of her book, Tramuta has gone on to create a podcast of the same name, and covers an assortment of subjects, from entrepreneurship to wine, cinema to desserts. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of modern Paris, definitely subscribe to this podcast!

To listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, click here. (It’s also available on iTunes.)

For more information on The New Paris book, click here.

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