netflix et chill: emily in paris

What kind of Francophile would I be if I didn’t talk about Emily in Paris?

Even with all the over-the-top cliches, the unrealistic chambre de bonne, and the garish fashion choices (sorry, Patricia Field), I found Emily in Paris to be the perfect anecdote to an otherwise dreary and depressing lockdown period. You just have to be willing to suspend your disbelief, especially if you know Paris (and French workplace culture) pretty well.

This Netflix original series follows Emily (Lily Collins), a young marketing executive, as she heads to Paris for work. She doesn’t speak French, doesn’t know anything about French culture, and is unapologetically American in her ways (perky, adamant in her ways, and focused on work at all times). We’re introduced to her standoffish boss, Sophie, played by the elegant Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Call My Agent/Dix Pour Cent), her well-meaning colleagues, a couple of new female friends (one Parisienne, one ex-pat), as well as an array of devilishly handsome French men (Lucas Bravo, William Abadie, and Charles Martins).

Is Emily in Paris realistic? Not at all. But it’s a beautiful visual escape to Paris, filmed in that dreamy way where you don’t see a pile of garbage bags or scammers trying to get you to sign petitions while they pickpocket you. The series has been confirmed for seasons 3 and 4, the first of which is expected to be released in early 2023. If you haven’t caught up yet, you have plenty of time to get through the first two seasons.


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