Podcast: The New Paris

Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris-based writer who wrote a fantastic book called The New Paris. I picked up the book almost as soon as it came out – it’s beautifully shot and well written, and talks about the developments in the food, drink, and shopping industries in Paris that go beyond Laduree macarons and dinner at Tour d’Argent (both amazing options, but they’ve been around … Continue reading Podcast: The New Paris

4 Contemporary French Chick Flicks

I don’t really like the term “chick flicks”, but for lack of a better word, these films are excellent for a girls’ night or simply when you want to watch something equivalent to a romantic comedy or girlfriends film en francais. Pour yourself a glass of wine – and perhaps slather on a face mask – and enjoy! Tout ce qui brille (All That Glitters) Starring … Continue reading 4 Contemporary French Chick Flicks

French Epicerie Finds to Haul Home

The first time I stepped into a French grocery store was in San Francisco, of all places. The small epicerie in Hayes Valley, owned by a French couple, carried an array of products I’d never seen before, from marrons glaces to locally made saucisson a l’ail.  They even maintained a well-stocked cheese cave where a very knowledgeable cheese expert was available to give samples and cut big wedges … Continue reading French Epicerie Finds to Haul Home

Word Wednesday: citrouille

Time for PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! At least, it finally feels like it here in Northern California – citrouille season. These bright orange pumpkins (Curcubita pepo) start showing up at the market in September, and stick around until just after Thanksgiving here in the States.  They make a holiday table look festive, and no Halloween celebration would be complete without a carved jack-o-lantern. Be aware, there is another … Continue reading Word Wednesday: citrouille

Netflix et Chill: Call My Agent!

I’ve been lamenting the lack of good French movies on Netflix lately.  Every once in awhile a fantastic movie will come up (like The Intouchables), but for the most part, I’ve found the selection a little mundane – how many “coming-of-age” films can a person watch, really? So, I was thrilled to find Call My Agent! (in French, Dix Pour Cent) as a new addition to the … Continue reading Netflix et Chill: Call My Agent!

YouTube: Alex French Guy Cooking

Alexis-Gabriel Ainouz, known by his YouTube viewers as Alex French Guy Cooking, is a self-taught cook who gets seriously geeky about his food experiments.  What I love most about his channel is that it is easy to follow, with recipes that are a breeze to execute, no matter what your level of expertise is. Some of my favorite episodes include the “How to Make Bread” … Continue reading YouTube: Alex French Guy Cooking

Word Wednesday: la bouffe

The literal translation of bouffer is to “puff up” (it’s almost onomatopoeic, really).  But nowadays, people sometimes use it in place of manger (to eat), making la bouffe another word for food. I used to have a group of friends who set aside money each month in a bank account so we could go out and have an extravagant meal every so often.  The name of our club? La … Continue reading Word Wednesday: la bouffe

Leave me in Arcachon

My husband Fabien spent a great deal of his childhood summers in Arcachon, like many people from Southwest France. This beachside town reminds me vaguely of Carmel, with gorgeous buildings, manicured streets, and retirees enjoying the calm and leisurely pace year-round. I’d only stopped in Arcachon once before, on our way back from a road trip to San Sebastian; this time, Fabien wanted me to … Continue reading Leave me in Arcachon