Word Wednesday: citrouille


At least, it finally feels like it here in Northern California – citrouille season. These bright orange pumpkins (Curcubita pepo) start showing up at the market in September, and stick around until just after Thanksgiving here in the States.  They make a holiday table look festive, and no Halloween celebration would be complete without a carved jack-o-lantern.

Be aware, there is another French word for pumpkin – potiron. You may hear “potiron” more often in Europe, which is often used to describe the common culinary varieties of Curcubita maxima (like kabocha or red kuri squash). I’ve definitely heard the terms used interchangeably, so perhaps if you’re using it in conversation, it is a matter of preference.

Regardless, enjoy citrouille season with some of my favorite squash-centric recipes:

Fall Lasagna with Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce

Daniel Boulud’s Stuffed Pumpkin

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Brown Butter

No Fail, Homemade Pumpkin Pie

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