netflix et chill: emily in paris

What kind of Francophile would I be if I didn’t talk about Emily in Paris? Even with all the over-the-top cliches, the unrealistic chambre de bonne, and the garish fashion choices (sorry, Patricia Field), I found Emily in Paris to be the perfect anecdote to an otherwise dreary and depressing lockdown period. You just have to be willing to suspend your disbelief, especially if you … Continue reading netflix et chill: emily in paris

Paris Visitor’s Guide (Updated for 2021)

Hello friends! This post originated as an email that I’ve sent to many people who are going to Paris for the first time, so instead of continuing to have to email this list out, I’m putting it here for posterity. Bear in mind, I am not a Michelin Guide, these recommendations are based on my own experiences in Paris and my preferences as a woman … Continue reading Paris Visitor’s Guide (Updated for 2021)

Podcast: The New Paris

Lindsey Tramuta is a Paris-based writer who wrote a fantastic book called The New Paris. I picked up the book almost as soon as it came out – it’s beautifully shot and well written, and talks about the developments in the food, drink, and shopping industries in Paris that go beyond Laduree macarons and dinner at Tour d’Argent (both amazing options, but they’ve been around … Continue reading Podcast: The New Paris